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About Us

About Our Facility

We offer Independent Living and Assisted Living services in a warm environment that encourages social activities, wellness and comfort.

The purpose  is to promote the availability of appropriate services for elderly persons and adults with disabilities in the least restrictive and most homelike environment, to encourage the development of facilities that promote the dignity, individuality, privacy, and decision making ability of such persons, to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of residents. 
The Legislature recognizes that assisted living facilities are an important part of the continuum of long-term care in the state. In support of the goal of aging in place, the Legislature further recognizes that assisted living facilities should be operated and regulated as residential environments with supportive services and not as medical or nursing facilities. The services available in these facilities, either directly or through contract or agreement, are intended to help residents remain as independent as possible. Regulations governing these facilities must be sufficiently flexible to allow facilities to adopt policies that enable residents to age in place when resources are available to meet their needs and accommodate their preferences.  

Life at Oasis Raquel

24 Hour Support

Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, we’ll give you the care you need.

Personal Care

Our nurses are trained to personally care for you in the best way imaginable. 24/7.

Culinary Excellence

We place a high priority on ensuring our residents dine well and in excellent company.

SOcial Amenities

Spend time in beautiful and comfortable surroundings, with free transportation.

High Quality Care

Gone are the concerns of grocery shopping and preparing meals, home maintenance, getting to appointments – and wondering if help will arrive quickly if needed. Instead of being consumed by everyday tasks, time spent with family and friends becomes quality time again.


A growing body of research shows that those who live in a caring, connected environment enjoy greater health and well-being than those who are isolated. At Oasis Raquel, we are dedicated to creating vibrant communities where older adults realize healthier, happier, more meaningful lives.

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